The Big Energy Diversity Challenge

Promoting Sustainability through Diversity

21 June 2024

The Big Energy Diversity Challenge

“Without diversity and inclusion, we won’t have diversity of thought; without diversity of thought, we won’t have innovation; without innovation, we won’t have sustainable supply chains; and without sustainable supply chains, we won’t save the planet!” – Richard Atkinson CBE, CILT Fellow and Aston University academic fellow in supply chain management and engineering systems.

The Big Energy Diversity Challenge has been designed to promote the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion across the energy industry and the business benefits attained when companies improve diversity by engaging teams in a series of fun physical, practical and mental team challenges.

The event will bring the industry together to look at how we can tackle diversity collaboratively and collectively in an informal setting, delivering a perfect platform to share best practices, network, team build and help shape what the profession should do next to support a more inclusive sector.

The Big Energy Diversity Challenge:

  • Showcases and emphasises the positive difference diversity brings to the industry
  • Brings together a cross-section of industry workforce, from undergraduates to CEOs
  • Promotes organisations’ messages supporting a more diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Opens doors for those looking to embark on a career within the industry

Why is ED&I important?

A diverse and inclusive working environment, where team members’ unique needs, perspectives and potential are respected and encouraged, creates a sense of belonging. When employees feel more connected at work, they tend to work harder and smarter, producing higher quality work. As a result, organisations see huge gains in business results, innovation and decision-making.

What the Teams Say About The Big Challenge Series...
  • I can genuinely say, on behalf of myself and the rest of the team, we never stopped laughing from the start to the finish and the event was THE BEST team-building experience(s) we’ve ever had.

    Paul Larder - Virgin Trains East Coast
  • A fantastically well-organised event that generated so much positive energy amongst all the teams. A great team-building and networking opportunity for all involved.

    Katie Mason - Railway Children
  • This was the first time I had the pleasure of attending this event. I have to say it was the most fun I have had in a very long time. We didn’t stop laughing all day. Would recommend this event to all and I am hoping I can get onto it again next year.

    Carla Roberts - Pentalver Cannock
  • Exciting challenges and great fun, can't wait for next year!

    Corrine Binks - Mott MacDonald
  • A fun-packed day with challenges to suit every member of our team. I struck up friendships with new colleagues I hadn't even met yet, and probably wouldn't had it not been for this.

    Natalie Adams - SNC-Lavalin
  • The day was fantastic, well organised and good fun I would recommend people take part in next year’s event. A really fun day.

    Tanja Chevalier - High Speed 2
  • A fantastic, fun-filled day guaranteed to make positive memories with your colleagues that you will treasure forever.

    Geoff Lowdell - The National Skills Academy for Rail
  • ... a fabulous day out, important for many, many reasons. It did my mental health wonders ... Found out I had muscles where I didn't know! And a team of people I can trust, relate to, and now approach throughout all areas of the business.

    Laura Holt - Freightliner
  • [It] is fun, rewarding and motivating. You gain valuable skill sets from a team-building exercise as well as developing skills and confidence as an individual. I'm fairly new to the industry and this is an excellent way to make new friends and network with others.

    Lesley Cheeseman - TRU East Transpennine Upgrade
  • An excellent event that demonstrated the power of bringing teams together outside of the work environment to understand the ethos of teamwork and playing to a range of strengths that vary between individuals.

    Rob McWhirter - Yusen Logistics
  • Fantastic day, tried new things and really helped me build confidence in talking to different people. Great for team building all round, excellent day.

    Zoe Howard - TXM Recruit
  • We arrived as colleagues – we left as friends.

    Cathy Balding - GXO
  • ... an amazing event to take part in. It promotes diversity within logistics and your workplace. The event is well organised and the challenges are varied ensuring that there is something for everyone no matter what your ability. I found the day to be an amazing experience, full of fun and laughter. It was a great team building event, as the challenges drove collaboration, empowered you to try your best and support each team member along the way. I would recommend this event to anyone.

    Janine Cashmore - Kuehne+Nagel
  • ...a fab day out! As a team we came home absolutely exhausted but with huge smiles on our faces! We got to know people from other branches/areas of our own business as well as meeting others. Amazing day had by all.

  • A fun day filled with lots of activities, great team work, and appreciation of everyone in the team. Made lots of memories during the event.

    Aditi Gupta - Atkins
  • A fun-filled day of teamwork, networking and smiles!

    Morgan Price - Risktec
  • A great day out and an amazing team building opportunity!

    Ethan Barry - Eversholt Rail
  • Amazing day out! Fun for everyone, the challenges are as diverse as the participants. This is a fantastic opportunity to further team building and communication skills in an exciting competitive environment.

    Ed Simbanegavi - Dyer & Butler
  • An excellent opportunity to spend time with your colleagues and network with individuals across the Industry!

    Haseeb Abbasi - Atkins
  • As someone who hates being in the sun all day and was anxious about the physicality of the challenges, the event smashed my expectations - the challenges were really enjoyable and the sense of team was fantastic with everyone cheering you on - sometimes even your competitors! Would highly recommend!

    Estelle Yeoh - SNC-Lavalin Atkins
  • Constant laughter, smiles, and fun all day - such a worthwhile experience to take part in. Our entire team said it's something they'd love to do again.

    Charlotte Bishop - EMR
  • Excellent day out and team building which is actually fun! I was working with people I didn't know from work and I can't think of another task or activity we could have done that would have made us gel together as quickly as this. It was fun and everyone wanted to get stuck in and work as a team.

    Michelle Warner - Yusen Logistics
  • Great day full of fun, laugh and Team work for a good cause. It was my first time and I have really enjoyed it. Will definitely be back next year with LNER Team.

    Marta Williams - London North Eastern Railway (LNER)
  • Great day out, worthwhile to enjoy meeting new people and trying out new activities you may otherwise never try.

    Paul Bariana - Genesee & Wyoming
  • Great opportunity to network and build relationships within the company.

    Jane Sanders - Alstom
  • Had a really good time, meeting and working with people from my business I don't normally see and speak to on a daily basis. I felt out of my comfort zone initially but thoroughly enjoyed the fun and joining in the challenges in the end. There is something for everyone.

    Lisa Wilkinson - NTS
  • Honestly, the best day I've ever had "at work", Great event, Great organisation and Great staff.

    Sarah O'Brien - Atkins
  • I Loved the day. It was really exciting to spend time with my colleagues and get to know them away from our working environment. Thank you for organising this.

    Mim Hosseinpour - John Lewis
  • I surprised myself as much as the others at just how much I had to offer.

    Stewart Evans - Geodis
  • It was a brilliant day, well organised and structured. We had such fun at the activity and between. Great to be involved in raising the profile of diversity and inclusion within the industry.

    Laura Parker - LNER
  • It was a very well organized event. The best thing was having different types of activities and challenges suited for different type of persons. Thus everyone was involved and everyone enjoyed. I would recommend those who haven't attended this event yet, please if you get a chance do go for it. Its just too much fun.

    Muhammad Hassan Khan - Faithful + Gould
  • It's amazing how you can bring a diverse collection of work colleagues together (some who have never met in real life before!) into a cohesive, high performing team in such a short space of time. It's also eye opening to discover your team mate's secret talents!

    Kathryn Duncan - Central Rail Systems Alliance
  • My first time attending - location, signage, welcome - supporting material - facilities - presenters, support functions, staff you should be applauded - lovely way to promote Diversity and inclusion - the weather certainly attributed to a great day - good balance of mind and interactive activities as well as physical and therefore catering for all abilities - thank you - see you next year!

    Sean Walters - Yusen Logistics
  • Overall, it was a fantastic day and I will take the experience to the grave. Really enjoyed it... I would highly recommend.

    Gavin Vickers - Woodland Group
  • Promoting inclusivity in a positive fun friendly environment and be prepared to let yourself go and try new things and start a conversation with new people. Get stuck in!!!

    Anthony Leadbitter - DSV Solutions
  • Such a fantastic day for new employees to get to know their colleagues, plus a great opportunity to existing employees to do take part in something unique and let off steam from the normal stresses of working life.

    Rhiannon Price - BTTC Infrastructure
  • Such a fantastic day packed with positive energy! It was really well organised with just enough healthy competition! I'd love to attend next year but think I've talked about it so much, my other colleagues might be trying their hardest to secure a spot in my place!

    Lisa-Sian Eagles - Kuehne-Nagel
  • Such an amazing day out! Imagine a massive sports day for adults! Exceeded mine and my colleagues expectations!

    Ellenor Hadlow - Faithful+Gould
  • The event is great fun, enjoyable and a fantastic way to socializing and create team building!

    Vanessa Navarro - Faithful and Gould
  • The event was organized very well, it's a place to meet new people and network with other companies, such a fantastic experience no matter your age or gender or abilities.

    Darran Brown - DHL
  • This event was the best organised, diverse event I have attended for years. It was positive, exciting and absolutely worthwhile as a team event and and for me as an individual.

    Dave Shirtcliffe - SNC-Lavalin Atkins
  • This is a great day to spend at work! You'll have fun (so much fun), push your boundaries, meet new people and may even surprise yourself! Get on board or get left behind!

    Rob Purdy - Atkins
  • This is a really is a great way for our teams to get together and learn about the importance of DE&I whilst having loads of fun at the same time.

    Marilyn Mace - Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd