Becoming a Big Energy Diversity Challenge Sponsor allows your company to demonstrate your commitment to diversity within the energy industry whilst promoting your company to the sector.

The Big Energy Diversity Challenge is designed to promote the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) across the energy sector and the business benefits attained when companies improve diversity by engaging teams in a series of fun physical, practical and mental team challenges.

Sponsors’ brand messages will be promoted via The Big Energy Diversity Challenge website and social media channels.

Supporting The Big Energy Diversity Challenge demonstrates your industry leadership and active commitment to promoting a professional and diverse industry in front of key existing and potential new customers.

  • Promote your company, brand, products and services to key industry personnel
  • Demonstrate your commitment to diversity within the industry
  • Increase brand loyalty by supporting a beneficial industry event
  • Network with key existing and potential customers
  • Use the event to support a sales promotion campaign or initiative
  • Demonstrate industry leadership and positive involvement in the industry
  • Benefit from associated publicity before, during and after the event
  • Gain exposure from the event website and marketing campaigns